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A quick and easy clean

Cleaning your equipment can be a time consuming and overwhelming job. With MS T&T Cleaner’s range of products, you can keep your vehicles and equipment looking like new with less effort.

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Save on time and product

Cleaning large equipment like tractors, trailers and trucks can take up a lot of time and use a lot of product. Our product’s lower dosage and easy application mean you could be using less detergent in less time for each wash. And T&T Cleaner is completely biodegradable!

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Protect your equipment

T&T Protect ceramic coatings provide an additional layer of protection for years to come against chemical elements, scratches and UV damage. These products are also water repellent to prevent any streaks and make cleaning a breeze.

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It’s this easy to clean your equipment


Find a dealer

Our products are easy to use and finding a dealer is just as easy. T&T Cleaner is available all across Canada so you can find a retailer near you.


The right product

We can provide you with information on our premium products and how to use them so you are ready to start cleaning right away. Whether you are looking to clean or protect, we can provide you with the right solutions.


A quick and thorough clean

Whether you are cleaning your farm or construction equipment, vehicles or trailers, T&T Cleaner’s products can get your equipment clean in no time so you can move onto your next project.

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