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About Us

Providing Premium Solutions

We understand how farmers and industrial companies have become frustrated by ineffective products that take so much of their time they could be investing in other parts of their business. We want to continue to help provide you with premium solutions for cleaning and protecting your equipment. All our products are easy to apply whether you are using our foam kits or by hand. Using a premium product from MS T&T Cleaner, you can be sure the job will get done.

At MS Schippers, we know you don’t want to be cleaning up after already cleaning. Our lower concentration of 2% makes our cleaning products completely biodegradable. It also means you will be using less product (up to half) for each wash compared to other products. Our products are designed to benefit you and your operation.


Our Purpose

We believe in a world where livestock farming drastically reduces the use of antibiotics to combat Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR). We believe in a world without AMR.


About Us

The Schippers Group is a family owned company founded by Martien Schippers in 1966. It is one of the largest suppliers for intensive livestock farming globally with over 450 employees, 10,000+ products, and activities in over 40 countries. Today, The Schippers Group encompasses multiple brands, all united in their mission to eliminate AMR. We do this by developing knowledge, services, and products to improve hygiene in livestock farms around the world.

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MS Gold

The best products in livestock farming

The MS Gold product range consists of the very best hygiene and care products, created with livestock farmers, for livestock farmers.



All our MS Gold hygiene products are developed, tested and produced in-house to guarantee the highest quality.



We set the industry standards with each new product release or innovation cycle.



Improve animal health and profitability while reducing antibiotic use.

MS Gold is internationally distributed to livestock farmers through a growing network of distributors and dealers. Our belief is that every farmer should have easy access to the best products, enabling them to optimize their hygiene, prevent disease and realize sustainable growth.

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