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T&T Cleaner

A quicker and easier clean

Cleaning your equipment can take up a lot of effort and time. With MS T&T Cleaner (Truck & Trailer), you can save time and money. 

MS T&T Cleaner is a powerful and safe foam detergent that can be used to clean any vehicle or equipment (e.g. cars, trucks, trailers, tractors) and lacquered surfaces (e.g. agricultural implements and milking robots). This premium product quickly removes any dirt or debris that may have built up on your equipment, so you can forget about scrubbing and brushing. It is easy to apply and easy to clean. 

Because of the lower dosage required, T&T Cleaner is completely biodegradable. You will also use less product on each wash.

T&T Cleaner is available in 5kg, 22kg, 230kg

Using MS T&T Cleaner
  • Suitable for cleaning vehicles, boats, floors, trailers, RV’s, vinyl siding, tractors and other farming & construction implements
  • Removes pollution, dust, bugs and more at low concentrations
  • Good adhesion, so your equipment is clean after only one application without scrubbing (if the product is used correctly)
  • Perfect streak-free cleaning
Pressure Washer Requirements
  • Minimum 1100 psi
  • Ideal: 1500 psi
  • Maximum: 3000 psi, 6 gallons per minute (22 L per minute)
What to do when applying T&T Cleaner
  • Pour into canister at 100% concentration
  • Use cold water to apply foam
  • Clean a small test spot on surface
  • Set your adjustment dial between 2 and 4
  • Apply a thin, even layer of foam
  • Allow foam to soak for 3-5 minutes
  • Wash from the bottom up
  • After each use, run clean water through your foam gun for 10-15 seconds
What not to do when using T&T Cleaner
  • Don’t wash in direct sunlight or on hot days. Ideal washing temperature is between 15℃ and 25℃ 
  • Don’t foam polished aluminum without pre-rinsing
  • Don’t allow foam to dry on surfaces
  • Don’t store below 10℃

T&T Cleaner 5kg

If you are looking for a quicker and easier clean, T&T Cleaner’s 5kg jugs are available at local dealers across Canada. It is the best option for cleaning your vehicles, farm equipment, construction equipment, and much more!

Learn More

T&T Cleaner 22kg

T&T Cleaner is a product that provides a quick clean but will also last longer with its lower concentration. Clean more equipment with just one jug of this premium cleaning product.

Learn More

T&T Cleaner 230kg

You have a big job, and you need a premium cleaning product that will quickly clean all of your equipment. Our 230kg is a great option for company wash bays or if you have equipment that needs to be cleaned every day.

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Reviews from our Customers


"For over 3 years I've personally been using T&T Cleaner and have had wonderful results with it. The biggest selling factor for me is the simplicity of using T&T. I've tried other cleaners, however, I'm thoroughly sold on T&T! The old saying springs to mind "Work smarter, not harder". Great product!"

Craig Stephens, AG Detailer
High River, AB


"I use T&T Cleaner daily at my job, it has changed the way that everyone washes their tractors. This powerful foam is the ultimate equipment cleaner that everyone needs to try!"

Jesse Ray Cote, AG Detailer
Exeter, ON​​​​​​

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