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T&T Protect

Protecting Your Equipment

MS T&T Protect is a new family of protective coatings designed to meet commercial demands while producing superior results that professional detailers demand. By building upon proven nanoceramic technology, we have developed professional products that are easy to apply at home.

T&T Protect coatings provide exceptional hydrophobic properties, protection from micro-scratches, prevent fading from UV light and reduces cleanup time. These products are water repellent to prevent any streaks and make cleaning a breeze, meaning you can have your equipment back on the road or in the field much sooner.

We have a full range of Protect products to keep your equipment looking like new, including our Paint Pro and Paint Pro XD, Glass Pro and Prolong.

Advanced Protection Technology
  • Nanoceramic Technology - The nanoceramic based coating fills microscopic imperfections found on surfaces and bonds to create a protective surface.
  • Ultimate Weather, Chemical & UV Protection - There are many factors your equipment has to stand up against, shield it from external elements.
  • Scratch Resistance - T&T Protect is certified 9H Hardness, so it is nearly as strong as solid quartz.
  • Improved Color Depth & High-Gloss Finish - Your equipment will be shining like it was new. 
  • Advanced Cleaning Properties - Your equipment will be easier and quicker to clean as the coating repels water.

Paint Pro

Protecting your equipment’s paint not only keeps it looking better for longer it also can prevent unwanted wearing of painted surfaces. T&T Protect Paint Pro can protect your vehicles’ and equipment’s paint from micro scratches and UV damage.

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Paint Pro XD

Go a step further in protecting your equipment with Paint Pro XD. We recommend using Paint Pro XD to coat all plastic trim, textured black fenders, fuel tanks, grills, exhaust stacks and lights.

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Glass Pro

Ensuring the glass on your equipment is protected is important to prevent scratches and to make it easier to clean. T&T Protect Glass is formulated specifically for windshields, windscreens, windows, mirrors, and glass headlamps.

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Prolong can be used as a standalone EXTREME gloss coating or as a seasonal maintenance product for Paint Pro, Paint Pro XD and Glass Pro. Simply spray on and wipe off for amazing results.

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