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An Additional Layer of Protection

Prolong can be used as a standalone EXTREME gloss coating or as a seasonal maintenance product for Paint Pro, Paint Pro XD and Glass Pro. Simply spray on and wipe off for amazing results.

Standalone coating: T&T Protect Prolong will protect painted surfaces from UV light, add an EXTREME gloss finish, and create a HYPER slick surface that repels water. Prolong is the perfect product to use when our professional ceramic coatings are not an option.

Maintenance product: With seasonal use, T&T Protect Prolong will ensure years of performance from existing Paint Pro, Paint Pro XD and Glass Pro coated surfaces. Prolong was designed to form an additional layer on the surface of our other T&T Protect professional ceramic coatings, adding HYPER gloss and restoring the water-repellent properties of the professional coatings.

  • Renew and maintain the protection from Paint Pro, Paint Pro XD and Glass Pro
  • Additional UV protection
  • Increased scuff and scratch resistance
  • Enhances appearance
  • Easy application

Wash the surface, then completely dry. Spray Prolong directly on the surface or microfiber cloth and wipe the area in a circular motion. Immediately after application, use a dry microfiber towel and gently buff the surface until dry and clear. Keep the surface dry for 12 hours and do not wash the surface for seven days.

Nitrile gloves should be worn. A respirator is recommended for applications in closed or poorly ventilated areas.

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