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T&T Cleaner HyBag

The T&T Cleaner HyBag is the future of foaming!


The T&T HyBag is a 1.134kg (1L) leak and spill-proof bag of T&T Cleaner designed to work seamlessly with the HyBag Foamer. This revolutionary system offers a new level of convenience and efficiency:

  • No Contact with Chemicals: Simply remove the cap, place the HyBag in the Foamer, and screw down the foamer to secure it. No more pouring or spilling
  • Precision Application: With interchangeable venturis and restrictors, you can dial in the exact concentration needed, reducing product waste
  • Easy Storage and Disposal: After use, just cap the bag and store it for next time. When empty, simply dispose of the bag
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HyBag Setups:

T&T HyBag + 1/4" Plug
0803000: HyBag Foamer
0808906: Plug 1/4" male

T&T HyBag + Plug.png

T&T HyBag + Quick Connect
0803000: HyBag Foamer
0806012: Connector 2 x 1/4" male
0804589: Coupling KEW 1/4" female

T&T HyBag + Quick Connects.png

Configuring the HyBag Foamer

The T&T HyBag Foamer comes pre-assembled with a 1.7 venturi and a 0.7 restrictor and will likely need to be configured to meet the requirements of your pressure washer setup. 

In the box: venturis (1.3, 1.5, 1.7) and restrictors (0.5, 0.6, 0.7, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2)

Use the chart below to configure your setup
Select the venturi first, followed by the appropriate restrictor.

Configuration Chart.png

*If necessary go up/down a restrictor to achieve the desired results

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